Texas Gas Explosion – Injured In Stable Condition

Eight people have now been reported to have been hospitalized after the natural gas explosion in Cleburne, Texas. Initial reports state that all are in stable condition.

The majority of those hospitalized are receiving treatment for burn related injuries. Reports state that none of the injuries are critical.

Enterprise Products of Houston are believed to be the owners of the pipeline.

Latest reports confirm that it took 2 hours for crews to disconnect the gas supply as the blaze prevented firefighters from getting within 600 yards of the source of the fire.

Company officials have confirmed that the gas explosion was due to a digger hitting a 36 inch underground gas pipeline. The vehicle responsible was “split apart” by the blast.

The casualties of the gas explosion are being treated in Glen Rose Hospital, as well as other surrounding hospitals. Parkland Hospital is expecting some of the patients to be transported soon to its burns unit.

So far, three people have been reported dead as a result of injuries sustained.

We will provide more updates as soon as more news is available.

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Natural Gas Explosion North Texas

Six people have been transported to hospital after the gas explosion in Cleburne, North Texas. There is still no news on the 10 people missing.

Early reports suggest that the explosion occurred after a natural gas line was struck by a digging machine.

We will continue to report on this breaking news.

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Massive Gas Explosion Shakes Hood County, Texas

A massive gas explosion has just shook Hood County, Texas.

Viewers in Houston have just had regular programs interrupted by news teams to break the news. We have just seen cars, construction vehicles and a work site ablaze.

No news yet as to how the gas explosion occurred, or casualty numbers.

We will keep you posted as the story develops.

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Tax Debt Attorneys – Helping People Overcome IRS Tax Debt Issues

Tax season might officially be over, but for some the prospect of being selected for tax auditing is playing heavily on their mind. While you might consider that having all of your numbers crunched and paper work in order, for a number of people every year, this might not be enough.

Every citizen who pays taxes to the US government can be audited by the IRS. If you find yourself in this position, it might be a good idea to have an experienced tax attorney on your side while the IRS go through your income and expenses.

There are many lawyers and attorneys who specialise in IRS and tax debt. If you have forgotten to calculate a certain aspect of your taxable income and the IRS determines that you need to pay additional taxes, asking for the services of a tax debt attorney might be a valuable solution.

Every year, many hundreds of people find themselves in need of legal assistance from tax debt attorneys. For some, they require legal tax debt advice in order to straighten out some very basic mistakes. For others, IRS tax debt attorneys are a vital form of aid to rectify any major issues with their tax returns.

Occasionally, the IRS finds significant issues with personal tax returns. When this happens, the IRS can make specific demands for payment every month which can leave you extremely out of pocket. Should this happen to you, tax debt attorneys can help come to a payment agreement with the IRS to insure you will not personally suffer too much.

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Car Donation Services – A Good Way To Help The Community

Over the past 15 years, over 1 million cars have been donated to charities by people who wish to help their community. Often, the resale value on older vehicles proves to be less than profitable, and, rather than creating excess scrap metal, people choose to provide good causes with cars to help in their mission to assist others.

Many people consider that donating a car to charity can really make a difference to the community. Charities such as the Red Cross, USO and SPCA, to name but a few, have benefited significantly from the kind gestures of people all over the nation that have chosen to donate their old cars in order to help those less fortunate.

There are numerous car donation specialists throughout the USA. Most are linked with trusted and established charities. Car donation services will also take into consideration both the type of vehicle being donated, as well as the wishes of the donor when selecting a charity that will benefit from the car donation.

Due to different charities having different needs, car donation services will accept any vehicle in good working order that can go and benefit the community work. Some charities may require trailers, RV”s, trucks or other auto-mobiles, in addition to cars to provide certain services. For example, a charity such as the SPCA would benefit from the donation of a truck or van more than they would benefit from the use of a motorcycle. As such, any type of vehicle is acceptable, so long as it is in good working order.

In addition to helping out your community by donating a car or vehicle to car donation services, car donors can often receive a tax reduction. As most know, you can claim a deduction for charitable donations, so getting rid of that old car in the drive way can benefit you personally as well as benefiting your community.

Car donation services are most active within city areas such as L.A or New York. However, car donations in rural areas are picking up a lot. While there are plenty of cars donated in city areas, it is often charities in more rural areas that will require assistance. No matter where you live, you can be sure that donating your car will be much appreciated by different charities.

If you are considering donating your old car to charity, make sure you check out local car donation websites and contact the companies directly before making your decision to donate your car. Make sure that the car donation service you choose to use actually will donate your car to a charity, and not keep the donated vehicle for themselves.

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